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Möchten Sie einen Wandschrank Bestellen?

(Would you like to order a wall unit?) 

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 For years US servicemembers stationed in Germany have returned home with what is known as a "schrank." Roughly translated, that means wall closet.The superlative craftwork and design of a German schrank provides owners with furniture built to last a lifetime. Servicemembers have shipping privileges which allow for such substantial pieces to reach their homes at no additional cost. Friends and relatives have always admired their purchases. makes shopping that much easier.

We have reached an agreement with the manufactuer which requires a  shipping surcharge to be added, determined by a customer´s location in the States. Now a superb wall unit can be yours!


 For Military Service Members & DOD Stationed in Germany and who require financing, US Mililary Loans provides superior service.

Germany´s Best Selling Bar Corner

 (1) Rubens LB 607. This a classic example of a
German Bar Corner. Versitile, ready for a big screen TV,
this unit is one of our most popular. The bar section
can be set separately from the TV schrank.
A matching rollout is available (see other pictures).
Color options include Traditional Oak, Mahogany color,
Natural Oak. (Click Photo to Enlarge)