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Germanmadefurniture. com was established by David Kniffin in 2007. Mr Kniffin has marketed products and services to US Servicemembers for over 18 years, and is now in association with Star Furniture in Rodalben, Germany, to provide custom cabinets that represent Germany´s best craftsmanship.

(20) Rubens LB 605 Width 10´2"TV area good for 42" flatscreen

The intention behind Germanmadefurniture is to provide you options

Over time it became evident that as many customers left their German posting to return to the States, they regretted not  purchasing extra pieces for their wall units before leaving. 

As well, relatives of servicemembers often asked how they could purchase a German schrank of their own. The biggest problem proved to be prohibitive shipping costs. That is, until now. 



(21) Rubens LB 291. Our aim ís to offer furnishings that combine first rate construction with timeless design. Thanks to GMK´s purchasing power, we are able to provide you furniture made in Germany at a reasonable price.   

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